Olena Fedyuk, Director
Olena Fedyuk was born and grew up in Ukraine but in the last 15 years has been moving around Europe pursuing her professional interest – research in gendered migration flows, migrant labour, and moral economy of migration. She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the Central European University in Budapest. Since 2012, she’s turned to film as a media for both research and outreach, and a way to grasp humour and contradictions of migration stories. Both of her previous films are not about migration per se but about people who have embarked on complicated life journeys, both emotionally and geographically.
Road of a migrant (2015)
Olha’s Italian Diary (2021)
Polina Georgescu, Director of Photography
Polina Georgescu grew up in a Ukrainian-Romanian family in Moldova, in a mix of national, ethnic, linguistic and cultural identities typical to the region. She emigrated in 2005 and has since lived in the US, UK, Budapest Hungary and in Berlin since 2019. She is a specialist of Eastern Europe by training (University College London) who after a first career in international development and academia, turned her long standing passion for documentary filmmaking into a full-time endeavour around  2015.
She started as an executive producer on No Country For The Poor (2017, SWR/ARTE, distributed by PBS International). Although Polina began with production and directing, very soon she found herself unable to let go of the camera, and it’s the making of the image that is still (by far) the main driver in all her work. She skipped film school and instead shadowed several DOPs and attended a year-long cinematography course at the Budapest Film Academy. Aside from documentary, Polina films (and sometimes edits) various art and music projects, as well as short fiction, still photography and many things that fall in between formats and genres. 
Zsuzsanna Bak, Story Editor
Zsuzsanna Bak is a Hungarian writer and director. After publishing three books - one of which was adopted for stage - her first feature as a scriptwriter came in 2018. Curtiz won Grand Prix in Montreal and is currently distributed by Netflix. Competing in prominent festivals, most of her films focus on sensitive topics like identity issues and existence in a politically controlled era. Her directorial debut Order and Soul (winning Grand Prix in Trento) was in competition in Astra Film Festival 2020.
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